NC Heavy Rescue NC Rescue Ambulance Provider / NC High Angle Rescue/
NC Water Rescue - Surface Water
We respond to all types of calls involving motor vehicles, ATV incidents, confined space, and heavy machinery incidents. We also respond to high angle and water rescue incidents.
Medical Calls
Medical calls are a large majority of our call responses. These would included assist patients, cardiac arrests, respiratory distress, unresponsive patients, and other medical emergencies.
Bike Team
We have a team of 6 members who provide medical standby for walks, runs, or major events. The purpose of this team is to be able to manuver in areas that would not be accessible by an ambulance.
Our agency does standbys at football games, at races, and other events where medical support is needed. We also standby for Surry County EMS when their call volume is high and they need transport units.
Community Services
Community services are non-emergency events, such as traffic control, that we provide for the community. The biggest community service we do as a group is setting up and tearing down the Autumn Leaves Festival.
Mount Airy Rescue Squad has on roster
11-  Paramedics
18- E.M.T.'s
17- Technical Rescuers
5- CPR certified providers