1. Smoke Detectors
    A freindly reminder to check your smoke detectors and ensure they are in working order.
  2. Blood Drive
    Mount Airy High School is hosting a blood drive on 3/28/2019 from 8:15am to 1:45pm. If you can please donate!
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Fun Facts

April's Fun Fact

Confined Space

Confined space rescue us determined by the size of workspace a rescue technician has. This can be anything from sewer drains to water wells can be considered confined space. The standard safety equipment a rescue tech must have when entering a confined space is air gas monitor, airpacks (SCBA), turnout gear, and a helmet.

From The Chief's Desk

Special thanks to everyone who shared our sign WFMY News 2 helped us spread the word to reach a wider audience. Just remember to wash your hands.

Thank You
-N Webb

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